Tree Removal in Dorset


There may be several reason why a tree needs to be removed. Whether it's the condition of the tree, the location or even the type of tree, it's always best to try and look at other options first, such as tree reduction, crown raise or other general pruning. 


If there is no other solution and you decide to remove the tree then there are several different techniques that can be used. Below are some of the options available to remove a tree:



Tree fell 

The quickest and safest way to remove a tree is to fell the tree from the ground. However, this can only be done if there is sufficient space to do so, for example, enough clearance between tree and surrounding strctures, no power or bt lines near the tree.



Climb, cut and free fall

Another technique used is “section felling” the tree. This is where a qualified climber would access the tree, using a rope and harness, to cut and free fall sections of the tree. The branches will be cut by the climber and thrown down into a designated drop zone. This could be necessary if the tree is in close proximity to a building, garage, or fence but still has a fairly open area to drop the branches in.



Rigging and dismantling

This technique for tree removal may be needed if there is a high risk of damaging the tree’s surroundings. For example, the tree may be located between two buildings and there is no safe location to free fall the cut wood/branches. If this is the case, then all wood and branches will be lowered down using one or multiple ropes. This allows full control and reduces any chance of damaging the tree’s surroundings.



MEWP (mobile elevated lifting platform)

It may be that a dead tree is too dangerous to climb or it can’t be felled from the ground. In which case, a MEWP would be necessary for a tree to be removed safely. When carrying out a tree removal with a MEWP, either one or two tree surgeons will go up in the platform and dismantle the tree bit by bit.



Crane assisted removal

When a tree is located in a very awkward place, or it is a mature tree with tons of wood within it, then it is often more cost affective and safer to remove a tree with a crane. This would be carried out by a qualified tree climber, to access the tree and strap the branches or wood to the crane. When ready, the climber will cut the wood and the crane will lift, move and lower the wood to the chosen drop zone. This method of tree removal allows the tree to be dismantled in large sections and carried to a location for it to be processed.



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