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hedge trimming dorset

Hedge trimming provides the perfect finishing touch to your garden. It creates a boundary and looks stunning and can sometimes even keep the neighbours happy.

A hedge left to overgrow can lose its shape and cause unwanted shade in your garden. There is a wide range of power tools that are available to make hedge trimming much easier than the old ways with hedge shears.

When is best to do the hedge trimming?

Trimming the hedges regularly will make it much easier than leaving them to overgrow and become a real pain. Ask Tree Surgeons offer hedge trimming maintenance for this very reason.

Evergreen hedges will require trimming a couple of times during the growing season. Conifers have fast growth and need a lot of attention. 

Hedge Trimming Dorset

We do not claim that trimming hedges is the world hardest job, and with practice, anyone can learn how to trim hedges to perfection. We do claim to do it correctly and to a high standard.

It is recommended to do trim your hedges periodically to ensure they don't get out of control.

Trimming hedges in spring and then once more in the middle of summer should be enough to keep them in shape and control.

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